Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Favorite Canned Goods

Century Tuna Hot and Spicy is one of the canned goods I dearly love. Every time we go to the grocery store, we always make sure that I have it in my cart. This Century Tuna Hot and Spicy is a ready to eat meal. Whenever my mom is not around, I just open a can of Century Tuna and pour it in hot rice. I also prepare a tuna sandwich using Century tuna for my snack time. It’s very easy to prepare and it’s so delicious. This is also very healthy in our body and good for the heart.

Century Tuna is one of the leading and trusted brands here in the Philippines. It has Omega 3 DHA that’s very good for the heart. It also has protein that can help our body for growth. This is also good for people who are very conscious with their body figure and health because it has 0% trans fat. I’m sure I’m not the only Filipino who love this product. For me this is a classic all time favorite and the original healthy food to eat.

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